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Lab Relocation Project Management Service Request Form

Our lab relocation service partner professionals are the most experienced in the industry. Our primary lab specialist has relocated hundreds of labs for the most prestigious institutions. HERS will provide your new PI with a sample Lab Relocation Project Management Information Package upon completion of this form.

Complete this form and "submit" it electronically below. If you have any questions,
please contact Helen at hmcneece@higheredrelo.com or 914-980-2412.

An institution service line purchase order must be issued before actual services can be provided (i.e. packing material deliveries; moving services etc.). Lab Relocation is considered a business expense, therefore is not a taxable benefit to your new hire. A separate estimate will be provided for Lab Relocation Project Management Services.

Receiving Institution:
Authorized Department Contact:
Approximate move date:
Principal Investigator:
Field of Research:
Current Office Phone:
Cell Phone:
Current Email:
Current Institution Name:
Current Lab Street Address:
Current Lab City:
Current Lab State:
Current Zip:
Current Room number(s):
Move Coordinator (if different):
New Lab Street Address:
New Lab City:
New Lab State:
New Zip:
New Room number(s):

If your PI also has a Household Goods Move, please complete a Member Service Request Form to initiate those services. If your PI has staff members relocating that may require/request household goods moving services and your institution will be paying those expenses, please complete a Member Service Request Form for each of them. Even if your institution will not be covering staff relocation expenses, please provide a list of relocating staff members including name, phone and email address, so that we may offer them the many benefits associated with the HERS program, available to all institution affiliates.

This section often requires your new Principal Investigator or their staff Move Coordinator to complete the information. Please don't hesitate to have them contact Helen at 914-980-2412 or info@HigherEdRelo.com.

Square footage of current lab or # of benches: new lab:

Please provide a list of major equipment to be moved, if available:
Will you require Cryogenic Van Service for perishables (i.e freezers/refrigerators plugged in and running intransit)?
Yes No
If yes, call or email Helen to have the Cryogenic Service Request Form emailed to you so these services can be included in the Lab Relocation Project Management Proposal. Cryo service is in huge demand. This should be requested immediately to insure date availability.

While experience shows that hazardous materials (liquids, chemicals, flammables, corrosives, radioactive or bio-hazardous materials) can be replaced more economically than transported, please indicate if any hazardous materials need to be shipped*:
Yes No

If yes, please provide a list of hazardous materials including a description; quantity and UN number, for this service to be included in the Lab Relocation Project Management Proposal:
Please provide a list of major equipment to be moved, if available:
Would you like packing materials delivered prior to the mover’s arrival: Yes No
Packing service – please indicate:
full mover packing
mover pack fragile
staff to pack all

Unpacking service – please indicate:
full mover packings
mover pack fragiles
equipment only
staff to pack all

While the exact replacement value of your lab materials may take some time to determine**, please indicate a ballpark replacement value of the goods to be relocated, so that we may include the approximate cost for appropriate coverage in the proposal. Please note that materials are not covered for their research value.
Main Lab
Cryo Shipment
Hazmat Shipment

* You will be required to sign off on a Hazmat Release Form for the Main Lab Shipment, as conventional movers cannot, by law, handle these materials.

** No less than two weeks prior to your lab move, you will be required to submit an inventory of materials to be moved, including their approximate replacement value. You may have already begun this process during equipment transfer negotiations. For appropriate coverage, the inventory must include all equipment and an additional “miscellaneous” category that may represent glassware, supplies, consumables, etc.

Higher Education Relocation Specialists, 8 Macaulay Road, Katonah, NY 10536
Email: info@higheredrelo.com