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Lab Relocation Project Management

"TOTAL" lab relocation project management unique benefits include:
  • Simultaneous coordination of the lab and all personal relocation needs for your new PI and any relocating lab staff members.

  • Relieves your department administrator of an undertaking they may have little or no experience or additional time for

  • Relieves your new Investigator and his/her lab staff of the burden to coordinate the many services required to relocate an operating lab.

  • Insures best pricing and value as services are provided under our Higher Education Relocation Specialists agreement

    • Dedicated, experienced "TOTAL" Lab teams to service your project

    • Cryogenic equipment and specially trained team for transportation of

      4 degree, -20 and -80+ materials in units kept running in-transit

    • Pre-move planning timeline and schedule of events prepared

    • Customized Lab Staff Moving Instructions provided

    • Color coded plans insure labs are running at max capacity in minimal time

    • Decommissioning and pre-move servicing of equipment arranged

    • Packing and crating as required for safe transport provided

    • Storage available if lab is not ready for move in

    • Equipment re-commissioning and post move servicing

    • Coordination of hazardous materials moves

    • Provide Purchasing approved new lab equipment/supply resources to insure new lab set up cost savings

    HERS Program Director:
    Helen McNeece, CMC, CRP
    Direct/Cell: 914-980-2412

    or to initiate a free lab relocation estimate visit
    Please complete a Lab Relocation Project Management Service Request Form